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By Hannah Cound

Music & Lyrics by Amy Le Rossignol & Hannah Cound

Have you ever felt you weren’t normal? Or a bit weird, or wrong inside? In Asper-Girl, you can follow Hannah’s musical how-to guide on all things normal! Hannah may be autistic, but this autobiographical one-woman show is very, very normal. It’s filled with normal things that normal women do. No weird stuff here! Using Spoon Theory to compartmentalise your day is a very useful and ordinary activity. Colour-coding your food is a very sensible, run-of-the-mill pastime too. Hannah is a normal woman, doing normal things, on a normal stage, in a normal musical.

Asper-Girl was presented as a work-in-progress show at Maiden Speech.

Recommended 16+

Content Note: Please note that this production contains strong language.

Thursday 7th November 2019 @ 18:15

Monday 11th November 2019 @ 21:30

Run Time: 45 minutes

Reviews for ASPER-GIRL

"A lovely piece with a strong premise and stage presence. Cound is very likeable, and her musicality and vocals are brilliant. The audience is on board with her from the start, as her comedic timing creates a lovely atmosphere for all involved. Cound's use of props is very clever, and her creative style builds images that are clear, playful and powerful."

Amy Toledano, Within Her Words

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Hannah Cound

Amy Le Rossignol

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