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Kayla Feldman

Anna North


Lexi Clare

Can't Stop Won't Stop

By Kayla Feldman

Ivy's life is one of routine. She gets up, she drops the dog off at the neighbour's, teaches for eight hours, picks up the dog from the neighbour's, and goes home. She watches Netflix. She sees her boyfriend. She calls her sister. She also has vivid daydreams about having sex with her dad, killing her baby niece, and having her skin sliced open. No matter how hard she tries, she can't make the thoughts go away and she's terrified she's going to act on them. As she struggles to negotiate her first Real Adult Job and Serious Relationship and Normal Human Life, these thoughts begin to consume her every waking moment.


Based on real experiences, Can't Stop Won't Stop explores the lesser-known aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Can't Stop Won't Stop was presented as a work-in-progress show at Maiden Speech.

Director: Kayla Feldman

Cast: Anna North (Ivy), Lexi Clare (Grace)

Recommended 15+

Content Warning: Please note that this production includes graphic descriptions of self harm and child abuse.

Thursday 7th  November 2019 @ 19:15

Monday 11th November 2019 @ 20:30

Tuesday 12th November 2019 @ 20:30

Run Time: 45 minutes


"Excellent, intelligent and absolutely heart wrenching. Feldman has a way of making taboo subject more accessible, opening up conversations about the parts of ourselves that we do not know how to approach, a skill that she uses to create gorgeous theatre such as this.

Anna North is an absolute triumph in this show, taking this challenging script and presenting it to us in a way that is not only brilliantly engaging, but inclusive, bold and heartbreaking.

Lexi Clare is also a lovely addition to the cast, with her warm and natural presence bringing an intimate and loving tone to this emotionally exhausting show."

Amy Toledano, Within Her Words

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